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The Risk of Challenging a Will in Ohio

A no-contest clause is a provision commonly found in wills which sets forth that a party who institutes a challenge to set aside a will forfeits his or her right to any share of the estate.
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Tips For Clients Conducting Accident Investigations

Unfortunately, accidents and resulting injuries are a part of life. While businesses and individuals can take steps to limit the likelihood of such events, should one occur, there are steps to be taken to properly investigate in hopes of determining the cause and preventing future incidents.
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Exploring Underinsured / Uninsured Coverage Involving Injuries/Death Sustained Outside Vehicle

A situation may arise whereby an individual is injured outside a covered vehicle whereby the negligent party either is uninsured or underinsured.
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Personal Injury and Impact of Subrogation

Ohio law has recently been amended providing greater leverage for an injured party’s counsel to negotiate a reduction of a subrogee’s claim.
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