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The Importance of Corporate Governance Documents

All businesses need corporate governance to provide a framework for the ownership and operation of the business. Corporate governance is a set of rules, regulations, practices and processes by which a business is both directed and controlled.
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It's Not Just Boilerplate

Whether hiring a contractor for services or purchasing goods, it's important that you don't simply sign the contract presented to you with the attitude "it is just boilerplate."
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The Legal & Financial Duties Of An Estate Executor

If you ever find yourself named as an executor of a loved one’s estate, it’s your duty to assess and protect assets, pay creditors, notify beneficiaries, file a final tax return, and much more.
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Deadline for Taxes- April 18?

While April 15th is the commonly known deadline for filing your individual tax return, the truth is, that filing your return can be delayed.
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