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Just What Is An Oil & Gas Lease?

Oil and gas production has existed in Ohio since the early 20th Century. Indeed, the entire industry as we know it was essentially born in Northwestern Pennsylvania with the famous Drake Well in 1859. The legal documentation that gets this process underway today is largely unchanged for over one hundred years
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The Practice of Oil & Gas Has Changed

Oil and gas production has existed in Ohio since well before World War II. Wooster has been a regional hub for such activities for many decades, thus it is not surprising that CCJ has been engaged in such legal practice for all of those decades.
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I Chose My Company Name, But What Do All These Dang Words Mean?

This brief article provides an accurate summary of the terminology used for Corporations and LLCs in today's legal world which should help the reader have a better understanding of who's who in the entity of choice.
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Choice of Entity: Corporation (C or S) or LLC?

The landscape of making the choice of entity for a new business venture has changed dramatically.
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