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Are you Living up to your Legal Duties as a Trustee?

Many individuals appointed as trustee of a trust feel completely unprepared to serve in this role. It is extremely important to meet with a trusted attorney to discuss your legal duties.
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Certainty in the Face of Untimely Death: Guidance on Naming a Guardian

I regularly hear the following excuse regarding why parents of minor children have not completed their estate planning: an inability to decide on who will act as the guardian of their minor children in the event of the parents' untimely death. While there are numerous reasons parents should plan for the possibility of death, designating their children’s future caregiver(s) should rank high on that list.
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Did You Know You Can Control How Old Your Kids are When They Receive Your Assets?

Parents wishing to delay delivery of assets to their children beyond age twenty-five can do so by setting up a trust. A common misconception is that trusts are only for the ultra-wealthy. A trust can provide numerous benefits beyond simply delaying the age at which children receive assets.
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Overtime Rule Change Halted

The Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule, which was to take effect on December 1, is officially on hold.
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