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Qualifying as a USDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program: Does Your Business Fit the Bill?

The U.S. Department of Transportation operates a program known as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) to remedy ongoing discrimination and the continuing effects of past discrimination in federally-assisted highway, and other transit projects.
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Wire Fraud: Is My Real Estate Closing at Risk?

Choosing the right title company to conduct your closing, one that is well-trained and takes the risk of wire fraud seriously, can prevent you from suffering a devastating and life-changing event.
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Interested in Buying a Home? Things to Consider Before Signing the Purchase Contract

Ohio has enjoyed a short-period of strong real estate sales. Many believe the trend will continue, despite the anticipated interest rate hikes and delayed participation in home ownership by millennials.
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Amendments to Ohio's Foreclosure Processes

The new and improved foreclosure rules in Ohio have the potential to improve the process for mortgagees resulting in lower costs and faster results.
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