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The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act; a consumer’s dream come true, a supplier’s worst nightmare

By Ralph Streza   |  July 22, 2016

There is a consumer protection law in Ohio that is designed to protect all consumers, no matter their socio economic status. The law relates to consumer transactions, and applies to transactions where a consumer buys goods or services

CCJ Announces New Associate, Jacob E. Dean

July 19, 2016

Jacob E. Dean, a tax and corporate attorney, has joined the law firm of Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd. (“CCJ”). Dean will advise the firm’s clients on a variety of corporate, tax and related matters.

Removing Oil & Gas Leases From Your Land

By Daniel Mathie   |  July 5, 2016

There is more than one option for the removal of oil and gas leases encumbering your land. You should consult with an attorney with knowledge of oil and gas law to determine which option makes the most sense for you given the history of your property and your particular situation.

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