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Overtime Rule Change Halted

By Sarah Baker   |  November 23, 2016

The Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule, which was to take effect on December 1, is officially on hold.

Reflections on the 2016 Presidential Election

By Daniel Plumly   |  November 9, 2016

American politics has always been a rough and tumble business. Those with thin skins are better off distancing themselves from the fray. Whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, do not lose sight of our core values as a country and as a people.

Employers Required to Give Employees Time Off to Vote

By Susan Baker   |  November 4, 2016

ORC 3599.06 requires that all employers give their employees a reasonable amount of time off to vote. So if the employee cannot make it to the polls before or after their regularly scheduled shift, the employer must allow them time to vote.

Amendments to Ohio's Foreclosure Processes

By Zachary DiMarco   |  November 2, 2016

The new and improved foreclosure rules in Ohio have the potential to improve the process for mortgagees resulting in lower costs and faster results.

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