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Is an Attorney Reviewing Your Real Estate Closing?

By Clint Leibolt

February 21, 2017

               We all know that the world is filled with fly-by-night businesses looking to make a quick buck at the consumer's expense. Real Estate Title Companies (those who handle the sale and purchase of real estate) are sometimes the worst offenders. While tasked with handling large sums of money and the largest investments that individuals and businesses make, many of these title companies are woefully unqualified. Worse still, while many actions in the typical real estate closing have significant legal consequences, many title companies operate with little or no oversight from attorneys. Real estate law governs who must sign certain documents, what documents must be filed with the county recorder, and with the proliferation of trusts and limited liability companies, the average real estate transaction has become more difficult than ever to get right.

                Fortunately, in the local community, Heartland Title Agency is a Real Estate Title Company that is wholly owned and operated by the law firm of Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd. Every title search, real estate closing and other title product is carefully reviewed by a Critchfield attorney who practices real estate law. Critchfield real estate attorneys review each file, examining the chain of title for defects, fixing any errors that are discovered and drafting all necessary documents for closing. We do not operate Heartland Title Agency to make a quick buck—we operate our title company to provide excellent real estate services to our clients. We understand that your real estate is valuable, and we make sure that your investment is protected.

                When you are investing your hard-earned money in a new home or a new commercial property, who is looking out for you? I encourage you to use Heartland Title Agency for all of your real estate title needs. You’ll receive great service and the peace of mind from knowing that an experienced real estate attorney has handled your real estate transaction.

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