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Transfer of the Home to a Child - Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

By Ann Salek   |  September 26, 2017

The Ohio Department of Medicaid issued new agency rulings effective September 1, 2017.

Social Media and the Workplace

By Robert Gorman   |  September 19, 2017

A little over twenty years ago, on my first day of work as a lawyer, I learned how to use the Internet. Until that day, I had lived more than thirty years without it. Today's millennials learn the Internet from the cradle and can't imagine life without it.

Exploring Underinsured / Uninsured Coverage Involving Injuries/Death Sustained Outside Vehicle

By Adam Landon   |  September 6, 2017

A situation may arise whereby an individual is injured outside a covered vehicle whereby the negligent party either is uninsured or underinsured.

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