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Are you Living up to your Legal Duties as a Trustee?

By Sarah Baker   |  March 26, 2019

Many individuals appointed as trustee of a trust feel completely unprepared to serve in this role. It is extremely important to meet with a trusted attorney to discuss your legal duties.

Charitable Donations Through IRA Planning

By Ann Salek   |  March 21, 2019

What have I built during my life, both personally and financially? What type of legacy do I want to leave? Planning your estate is the ideal time to consider your philanthropic goals.

CCJ Elects New Managing Member and COO

March 18, 2019

Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd., unanimously elected Amy L. Demlow as its managing member, effective March 1, 2019. Demlow, a corporate attorney in the firm’s Medina office, becomes the first female managing member in the history of a law firm that traces its roots to the Civil War.

Just What Is An Oil & Gas Lease?

By Douglas Drushal   |  March 11, 2019

Oil and gas production has existed in Ohio since the early 20th Century. Indeed, the entire industry as we know it was essentially born in Northwestern Pennsylvania with the famous Drake Well in 1859. The legal documentation that gets this process underway today is largely unchanged for over one hundred years

Must I Allow My Employee to Telework?

March 6, 2019

With the rise of telecommuting, or as it is also known teleworking, many employers have been presented with requests for telework as a "reasonable accommodation" under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Transfer of the Home to a Child- Medicaid Planning/ Elder Law

By Ann Salek   |  March 4, 2019

The Ohio Department of Medicaid issued new agency rulings effective September 1, 2017 which include the documentation required to exempt a transfer of an applicant's home to a child who was caring for the applicant.

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