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John Waltman Honored for Fifty Years of Bar Membership

February 25, 2020

Congratulations to CCJ attorney John Waltman on his 50 years as a member of the Ohio bar!

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What is a Fair Payment for a Pipeline Easement?

By Eric Michener   |  February 19, 2020

Rather than viewing the proposed payment as a final offer, you should consider the initial offer as a starting point in negotiations and bargain for the best deal possible.

The Truth about the Medicaid Spend-Down: You Don’t need to “Lose” all of Your Assets to the Rest Home

By Nicole Hawks   |  February 5, 2020

Looking to protect your assets as you age? It is never too late (or too early!) to start planning. Whether you are being proactive as you enter retirement or are responding to a crisis (such as a fall, stroke, or diagnosis), there is planning that can be done to help PROTECT your hard-earned assets.

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