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Recent Guidance from OSHA on Enforcement during the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Eric Michener   |  April 21, 2020

In recent days OSHA has continued to provide guidance to employers and OSHA's own Area Offices on OSHA enforcement priorities during the COVID-19 outbreak. This client alert discusses several OSHA memos issued during the month of April and its ramifications for employers.

OSHA and COVID-19: What are my Recording and Reporting Requirements?

By Eric Michener   |  April 9, 2020

Given the novelty of the Coronavirus, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) does not have promulgated standards that specifically address COVID-19. This does not mean, however, that OSHA regulations do not apply to issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. One such regulation is the traditional recordkeeping and reporting requirements provided in 29 CFR Part 1904.  Specifically, qualifying employers must record on their OSHA 300 log cases of COVID-19 amongst their workers in certain situations.  Not all situations were a worker has tested positive for COVID-19 must be recorded.  According to OSHA, an employer must record a COVID-19 case only when all three of the following are met.

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