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07.21.15   |   Insights

Employee Documents – Keep or Shred?

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Have you ever wondered how long you need to keep a document related to your employees? In Ohio, the statute of limitations for a discrimination claim is six years.

For a workers’ compensation claim once the claim is allowed, it will remain open until 10 years after the last payment of compensation or until it is settled and closed. Some records need to be kept because of the potential for a government audit. It can be a daunting task to remember how long to keep all the records that are generated relating to employees.

Here is a quick reference guide you can keep to remind yourself when it is permissible to destroy a record. This is not all encompassing and is only meant to be a guide. If you have a question about a particular record, the attorneys in the Employment and Labor Department of CC&J can assist you in obtaining the correct answer.

Resumes, Applications and related employment materials, including interview records and notes 6 years from date of hiring decision for non-hires and from date of termination for employees
Background checks, drug test results, driving records, company employment verifications, letters of reference and related documents6 years from date of hiring decision for non-hires and from date of termination for employees
I-9 FormsThe later of 3 years from the date of hire or 1 year after termination of employment
Written contracts8 years after expiration
Handbooks and other policies or procedures6 years after expiration
Collective bargaining agreements6 years after expiration
Compensation and time records3 years after termination
FMLA and USERRA and related leave records3 years after termination
Performance appraisal and disciplinary action records6 years after expiration
Benefit records6 years after filing date
OSHA and other employee safety records5 years after termination
Workers’ compensation records10 years after the later of the last payment of compensation in the claim or the close of the claim
EEO-1s2 years after the filing date
Affirmative Action Plans2 years after the close of AAP year
OSHA 300/300A5 years after posting
ERISA 55006 years after filing

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