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Whether a donor has engaged in a lifetime of philanthropy that they would like to continue after death or would simply like a portion of their estate to benefit a good cause, charitable gift planning can ensure that intended gifts go to designated charities and non-profits easily and efficiently.

The estate planning attorneys at Critchfield incorporate a number of strategies, based on individual financial situations and priorities, to ensure that a donor’s chosen charities are supported in the manner intended. Some gifting vehicles can provide tax benefits during the donor’s lifetime. Planned gifts can take many forms, including cash, stock, real estate, and even boats, cars, and artwork.

Our attorneys assist clients in determining the right vehicle for making planned gifts, including charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, private foundations, donor advised funds, and beneficiary designations under life insurance and IRA or other retirement plans.

Planned gifts can provide a donor the opportunity to have a long-lasting and positive impact on a community and create a lasting legacy.

From simple tax planning for charitable gifts to navigating the complex gift option acronyms (CLAT, CLUT, CRUT, CRAT, NIMCRUT, NICRUT), Critchfield’s estate planning attorneys are ready to assist clients with their charitable planning.

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