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It takes a wide variety of skills and expertise to successfully deliver any complicated construction project. All of the trades must work together towards a common goal, with orchestrated coordination and communication throughout the project.

It is no different for the attorneys working on your behalf. For the best results, you need attorneys from a variety of specialties working toward the common goal of helping you reach your desired outcome.

The attorneys at the Critchfield law firm have decades of experience representing businesses in the construction industry with the same diversification of expertise, coordination, and communication that is required of construction professionals in delivering a successful project. It is this multidisciplinary approach that allows Critchfield to assist its construction industry clients in nearly all aspects of their business.

Critchfield’s Construction Law Practice Group regularly advises clients in the construction industry on both public and private projects, such as general contractors, construction managers, design-build firms, subcontractors, engineering firms, suppliers, developers, lenders, sureties, and owners. These clients look to the Critchfield Construction Law Practice Group for a wide array of expertise and skill, from pure “construction law” issues such as delay damage claims, to multidisciplinary issues related to real estate and property development concerns.

Critchfield’s Construction Law Practice Group can assist both owners and construction professionals on contract drafting and review, asserting or removing mechanics’ liens, financing construction budgets, analyzing insurance or bonding issues, and even litigating or arbitrating construction claims when necessary.

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