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Corporate Governance

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In our role as legal counsel to companies of varied industries, forms, and sizes, we assist our clients in the navigation of the many state and federal laws and regulations that they face. These include issues like: board and management structures, corporate responsibility and compliance, financial transparency and information disclosure, and ownership structure and exercise of control rights.

Our clients benefit from our extensive and longstanding capabilities in a number of areas, including:

  • Audit, compensation, and nominating committee practices
  • Board committee charters
  • Board composition and structure
  • Board of directors matters
  • Charter and bylaw drafting and amendments
  • Compliance and ethics programs
  • Disclosure and internal controls
  • Document retention policies
  • Fiduciary duties of officers and directors
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and restructurings
  • Reporting and disclosure obligations
  • Sharing management or employees between organizations

Our corporate and business attorneys recognize the many challenges faced by today’s companies as they operate in an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. We are here to help our clients manage those complexities from operational, regulatory, and compliance perspectives with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, practicality, and thorough attention to detail.

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