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Appellate Litigation

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Litigation sometimes does not end with a decision from a judge or a jury. The losing party, and sometimes the winning party, has a right to seek an appeal from any final decision in a lawsuit rendered by a judge or a jury.

Appellate law is the process of appealing a verdict up the chain of courts for review, but the procedure, and the legal skill set required, differs markedly from what happens in a trial court. That’s where Critchfield’s experienced appellate attorneys come in, because hiring an attorney with a successful track record in the appellate courts produces the best chance for success.

Critchfield’s appellate attorneys assert and defend appeals in both the state and federal courts—reviewing and analyzing trials records, researching and analyzing case law, writing briefs, and advocating on behalf of our clients before appellate judges and panels. We also handle administrative appeals before a number of governmental agencies, as well as work with trial counsel on important legal questions, preserving issues for appeal and spotting potential problems before they can negatively impact the case at trial. Our team includes a number of former law clerks, giving them special insight into the mechanics of operating in the appellate environment.

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