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Employment and Labor

Human Resources Counseling

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Today’s HR professionals shoulder many responsibilities, including oversight of employee recruiting, interviewing, hiring, management of employee benefit programs, staff supervision, discipline, and termination.

Each of these responsibilities carries some measure of risk given the dizzying array of regulations that govern employee hiring, firing, discipline, pay, leave, and numerous other activities. Critchfield’s employment law attorneys serve as the “go to” advisors and counselors for many businesses and their HR managers when employee and labor law questions arise. We have decades of expertise in nearly every issue that can arise in the workplace, including employee handbook drafting and review, background checks, drug testing, ADA and FMLA management, discipline, terminations, wage and hour matters,workplace investigations, and regulatory compliance, including matters related to OSHA, workers’ compensation, and more. We’re here to help address day-to-day (or hour-to-hour) employment issues as they arise, and ensure that our clients are aware of, and in compliance with, all relevant employment laws and regulations.

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