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Oil & Gas Litigation

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For over half a century, Critchfield has provided its clients with outstanding representation in oil and gas litigation. Our attorneys represent landowners, oil and gas producers, lenders, drilling contractors, service companies, and suppliers. We offer creative, thorough, and valuable legal solutions through our unique mixture of energy-sector experience and legal knowledge.

Our practice includes oil and gas litigation regarding oil and gas drilling and production matters, mechanics’ liens, gas purchase and sales contracts, lease and royalty disputes, and issues related to the Dormant Mineral Act. Additionally, Critchfield regularly represents clients in lien and collection matters involving suppliers and contractors, informal reorganizations for creditors, receiverships, and bankruptcies in the oil and gas litigation context.


  • Lead counsel in Bilbaran Farm, Inc. v. Bakerwell, Inc., in which the Fifth Appellate District concluded that the firm’s client did not have a duty, express or implied, under an oil and gas lease to fully develop the land at issue under the lease. The firm’s client was further awarded its attorneys’ fees incurred as sanctions for the landowner’s pursuit of meritless claims.
  • Counsel in Corban v. Chesapeake Exploration, LLC, the seminal Ohio Supreme Court case regarding the applicability of the Ohio Dormant Minerals Act of 1989 to mineral abandonments.
  • State ex rel. Claugus Family Farm, L.P. v. Seventh District Court of Appeals. In this Original action brought in the Supreme Court on behalf of an oil and gas lessor seeking writs of prohibition and mandamus against the Seventh District Court of Appeals based upon the Seventh District’s failure to provide notice to absent members of the class before issuing order affecting the lessor’s property rights in a class action. The Supreme Court of Ohio granted an alternative writ. After briefing and argument, the Supreme Court declined to issue writs of prohibition and mandamus for technical reasons, but declined itself to toll the oil and gas leases of absent class members during the pendency of the action as the Seventh District had done.
  • Eisenbarth v. Reusser. In action representing reserved mineral interest owner, the Seventh District decided in a matter of first impression that an oil and gas lease constitutes a title transaction and savings event under the Dormant Mineral Act.

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