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Lawsuits may take several years to reach a judge or jury for a decision and litigation can be very expensive. Critchfield’s litigators understand the dynamics of the litigation process and strive to achieve a client’s goals in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

As legal counselors, our attorneys work hand-in-hand to help clients understand the complexities of any lawsuit and the litigation process while keeping them fully informed as their case works its way through the courts. As advocates for our clients, our attorneys dedicate themselves to the highest professional standards in preparing and presenting the client’s position to a judge or jury. Our attorneys have earned their reputations as careful, skillful, knowledgeable, experienced, and mature representatives who exercise sound judgment on behalf of their clients in any and every part of the litigation process.

Litigation can occur in a number of contexts, from employment matters, personal injury cases, and real estate disputes to complex commercial matters and class action lawsuits. Critchfield’s litigators possess across-the-board and broad based experienced in nearly every type of dispute.

Whether our clients are facing litigation in federal or state courts, require counsel in an arbitration or mediation or before an administrative agency, Critchfield’s litigators have the experience to see our clients through to a winning result.

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