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In situations where an adult is unable to care for themselves or a child’s parents are unable to care for a child, a guardianship may be needed.

Legal guardianships are a serious matter, giving the guardian the right to make decisions on behalf of the ward and may include powers over healthcare, financial, and even legal decisions. But along with that decision-making capability comes a number of duties as well, ensuring that the ward is fed, clothed, and sheltered with the ward’s assets or other resources and ensuring the ward’s physical safety. Given the many legal obligations, consultation with an attorney familiar with guardianships is a must whether an individual seeks a guardianship or is named as the guardian of another by a court.

At Critchfield, our attorneys have worked with many individuals and families in the establishment of guardianships, whether they relate to incapacitated seniors, developmentally disabled adults, or minor children. We’ll help you manage the guardianship process, understand the attendant rights and duties, and navigate the legal process. We will also assist clients in avoiding the need for guardianships through alternative planning such as powers of attorney for finances or health care.

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