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Property Tax Appeals

Did your real estate property taxes recently increase?

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    In the State of Ohio, real property in all counties is reappraised every six years according to a continuous cycle. Property values are updated for tax purposes in the third year following each reappraisal. The Reappraisal and Update Schedule is located on the Ohio Department of Taxation website.

    Residential and commercial property owners may challenge these valuations through an appeal process, when they believe the fair market value of the property is significantly less than the appraisal price. If successful, such appeals may save owners significant amounts on their tax bills.

    Filing an appeal starts with filing a Complaint Against Valuation with the local Board of Revision, but the process will also include hearings and the presentation of evidence. Due to the formal and legal nature of the appeal process, hiring legal counsel that is experienced in real estate law is recommended.

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    What a Real Estate Attorney can do for you:

    Draft and file your Complaint Against Valuation

    Assemble evidence, including appraisals and comparative sales data

    Rebut the legal arguments made by the Board of Revisions Panel

    Negotiate on your behalf and litigate if necessary

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